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Family Law London Solicitors take everything we do extremely seriously. Our team are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the outcome you are looking for from any case. We have a team of experts who deal with child abduction cases, ensuring that we do all we can to help come to the best resolution for your case. Call our trusted team today on 0203 389 8574 for a confidential chat about your situation.

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When a child goes missing overseas, we have experience in dealing with a whole range of different scenarios, and as such are committed to dealing with them appropriately and professionally. It has become easier for child abductors to cross borders with the increasing ease of travel throughout the world. We have a dedicated team of International Child Abduction Lawyers who know how to react when a child who has been abducted moves across an international border.

What is the Law?

Child abduction suggests to many people a kidnapping, which is not the case in family law. International Child Abduction is when one parent takes a child abroad without the permission and against the will of the other parent or a Court. This means that even taking a child on an international holiday, even for a night, without the permission of another parent can be seen as International Child Abduction.

If one partner is away from the country for less than a month and with a Residence Order, then they are complying with the law. However, if these conditions are not met, then it could be seen as International Child Abduction.

International Child Abduction is something which has been going on since at least the early 20th century. With the increasing ways that people can travel round the world, and for such little cost, incidents of International Child Abduction are unfortunately on the increase. This coupled with the increasing number of couples from different cultures getting married across the world means that International Child Abduction cases are more prominent now than ever.

Due to the increasing problems of abductions around the world, the problem is being treated on an international level, with a number of international treaties in place to help combat the phenomenon.

Prohibited Steps Order

There are ways to combat International Child Abduction, and taking pre-emptive action could prove vital to stopping incidents occurring. Dealing with problems in this manner always make it easier emotionally and financially on you as well as on the child. If you think, for any reason, that a child may about to be abducted, it is important that you act immediately. In cases like this, timing is key. In reporting a potential abduction, you can limit the travel out of the country of a child or other party. Reporting a potential abduction to the Courts means they will make a Prohibited Steps Order, which can stop the other party leaving the country, often without warning them. Contact us immediately to see how we can help you with any ongoing International Child Abduction cases.

Criminal Proceedings

In some cases, it is illegal to take or send a child out of the UK. Due to the nature of the crime and the protected status of children, these matters are taken very seriously. As such, the consequences can be very significant. Despite the best intentions of those taking the child out the country, be it for a short holiday or similar, it is imperative that the appropriate legal permissions are receive.

Cases can develop very quickly, and it is important that you contact us right away for advice.

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Our team of dedicated family law experts are on hand to deal with all the International Child Abduction issues you might have. This is an understandably sensitive and difficult time for you, and our team reflects this in the way they handle every case. Our expert team endeavour to provide all our clients with a friendly, professional and reliable experience. If you have any family law matters you wish to take care of then we suggest you contact us immediately. Speaking to a solicitor early in proceedings means that you have experts dealing with the case for as long as possible, ensuring that the most favourable outcome is achieved. If you wish to speak to a member of team today then do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by filling in our online contact form here, or you can speak to a member of our team by phoning us on 0203 389 8574. We look forward to hearing from you.

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